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Internal, External Essay Example for Free

Internal, External Essay | Identify the key actors and forces in the company’s marketing environment that affect its ability to serve its target customers effectively.The marketing environment can be defined as everything that surrounds an organization’s environment and can affect its operation.The business environment consists of the actors and forces that affect an organization’s ability to develop and maintain business with its targeted customers. These are the Micro Environment, the Macro environment and the internal environment.The micro-environment of an organization can best be understood as comprising all those other organizations and individuals who directly or indirectly affect the activities of the organization. The following key groups can be identified as: their suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers, competitors and the public. * Neil Saab, PROCTER’s European head of laundry products development * Edward Arwell, PROCTER’s Chief Marketing Officer * scientists and over 60,000 consumers * Dutch press * PR Firm hired by PROCTER * Europe targeting consumers’ associations, washing machine manufacturers, retailers * and anybody else who would listen * Dutch consumers’ union * Six test institutesThe Macro environment is the non specific aspect in the company’s surrounding that have the potential impact on the organizations strategies. This environment comprises general trends and forces which may not immediately affect the relationships that a company has with its customers, suppliers and intermediaries, but sooner or later, macro-environmental change will alter the nature of these relationships. These are demographic forces, economic factors, natural, technological, political and socio cultural factors. * For ULTRA WASH, they had claimed a technological lead based on their formula and this was keeping them ahead * Environmental campaigners in Sweden were keen on the effects of the product * Freedom of speech allowed Procter to lobby openly against their competitorThe Internal Environment refers to those activities within the local influence which includes it marketing plans and strategies, how they are implemented and its research and development. Actors in the internal environment include: * David Fritz, ULTRA WASH’s global coordinator of detergent marketing * Top executives at ULTRA WASH Head Office in the UK * Other management and staff of ULTRA WASH Show how each of the actors/forces you have identified in question 1, directly (or indirectly) impacted on ULTRA WASH’s final decision to revamp and relaunch the defective Eno/Ersil Power.For ULTRA WASH, the SWOT analysis summarizes the main environmental issues in the form of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.Strengths of ULTRA WASH: * Power branded in Netherlands, UK and France * Biggest advance fabric detergent over 20 years * They had the technological lead Weaknesses of ULTRA WASH: * Did not act on private warning from Procter before they went public * Did not effectively counter Procter’s negative campaign against their product * Ultra Wash image damaged and undermined as they were slow to act Opportunities of ULTRA WASH: * To launch Power in 11 other countries Threats of ULTRA WASH: * Flaw discovered in technology by rival competitor * The need to withdraw their once successful product from the market * Leading supermarket emptying shelves of the product * Various tests confirmed damaging effects of their products With all the negative publicity that ULTRA WASH had received from Procter, various media agencies as well as tests that proved the product was in fact damaging, it was in ULTRA WASH’s best interest to revamp and re-launch their product.The Impact of the Actors in the Micro EnvironmentThe lobbying and negative campaigning done by Procter’s executives sensitized the public on the damaging effects of ULTRA WASH’s product therefore reducing the demand in the market.Various Scientists confirmed that the product was faulty also confirming to the public that this product was not ide al for their laundry.The Press and PR Firm hired by Proctor hammered bad publicity that contributed to the decline in sales of this product. As the Customers are the most important to consider, a re launch was necessary to correct the past manufacturing errors and reclaim their loyalty. It was also important to create a new image in the minds of the target market by changing their perception. The Impact of the Actors in the Macro Environment * Legal: ULTRA WASH also had on going legal battle with PROCTOR, it was important to end that chapter and show some differentiation in their rebranded product. * Technological: Advances in Technology would create opportunity for ULTRA WASH to develop a new detergent with the correct product mix that would meet environmental specifications. * Social and Cultural: PROCTOR was able to freely express their opinions and change the perception of the general product thereby reducing the market share of ULTRA WASH. The Impact of the Actors in the Internal EnvironmentThe entire series of events proved that  the Executives and marketing personnel at ULTRA WASH were not fully equipped to handle all the negative publicity and did not act expeditiously to recover from this problem. Top Executives should have heeded the secret warnings of PROCTOR and test their product privately to prevent an international outburst. The strategies were not enough to protect their product. Internal branding was important as ULTRA WASH needed to re create a core product with distinctive values that distinguishes it from its competition. ULTRA WASH needed to highlight the true benefits to be from using their product. Brand strategies must be communicated to staff so that they understand the company character on which the company brand is built. Investment in staff training is required to achieve the service levels required for the brand strategy.In order to be successful and to reclaim their market share, ULTRA WASH would need to revisit their team strategies, review their research and development strategies and improve on their technological advances.| Question #1 A company’s marketing environment refers to factors outside of marketing, which has either a direct or indirect affect on the company’s ability to develop and maintain successful relationships with its target market. (Various Environmental factors Affecting Marketing Function, 2012) An understanding of a company’s marketing environment is instrumental in the development of its SWOT analysis as the marketing department would be able to identify the strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities. The marketing environment can be divided into three sub- categories which are internal environment, micro- environment and macro- environment. (Various Environmental factors Affecting Marketing Function, 2012) Ultra Wash Power detergent was affected by factors and actors from these three marketing environment which hindered the company from serving its target market. The internal marketing environment of a company refers to factors and actors that are part of the company, which the company has control over. These factors have an influence on the operations of the organization and a high level of control is placed over this environment, as the organization can change it strategies to ensure that these factors support marketing. (The marketing environment, n.d.) (Various Environmental factors Affecting  Marketing Function, 2012) Ultra Wash was affect by the following in its effort to serve its target market: Research and Development: this is the creation of products, improvements to existing products or the production process through a combination of basic and applied research. The aim of research and development is to position the company as a market leader through competitive advantage. (Research and Development , n.d.) Company’s Imagine- refers to what consumers think about your business when they hear the name of the product or business. (Image , n.d.) Top Management: this refers to marketing decisions taken by members of the Board of Directors, shareholders and executives. Micro- environment refers to factors and actors that are closely linked to the organization and their decisions and operations directly affect the company’s ability to serve its customers. (The marketing environment, n.d.) Ultra Wash was affected by the following three factors in this environment: Consumer Behavior- this is how consumers select, purchase and use goods and services to satisfy their wants and needs. (Consumer Buying Behavior) Market intermediaries: these are third party persons or organizations between the final customer and manufacturer and given the responsibility of promoting, selling and distributing of the goods and services. (Various Environmental factors Affecting Marketing Function, 2012) Competitors: firms which sell same or similar goods and services in the same market. (Various Environmental factors Affecting Marketing Function, 2012) Marco – Environment are factors which are uncontrollable external to the company. Although these factors directly influence the company marketing decisions, they do not directly affect the company’s ability to serve its customers. (The marketing environment,n.d.) This environment is analyzed through the STEEPLE analysis. The seven areas of focus in the STEEPLE analysis are political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legal and ethical. (Williams, 2013) Of which, technological, environmental, and ethical affected the ability for Ultra Wash to serve its target customers. (The marketing environment, n.d.) Question#2 Internal Environment: Research and development directly affected the ability of Ultra Wash  to serve its target market as the company did not undertake sufficient research when developing the product. This was evident when they were faced with the facts about how the enzyme â€Å"dirt buster† affects clothing. Also they did not take heed to the warning made by PROCTER, had the company research the information made by their competitors it could have saved them thousands of dollars in damage control and advertising. Company’s Imagine- With the information about the effects of their detergent being published in the media, the company’s image began to plummet in the eyes of consumers. The company had to take steps to try to rebuild the company’s imagine by offering a new revamped detergent gave them a chance to do this. Top Management- David Fritz the global coordinator of detergent marketing and the Ultra Wash executives decided to ignore the warnings about the product made by Edward Artwell with the belief that recalling the product would be costly and humiliating to the company and for David Fritz his career. Micro- Environment: Consumer Behavior- Ultra Wash revenues for the Power detergent was reducing radically due to the information on the detergent which PROCTER released and their campaign against detergent with â€Å"dirt buster†. In order for any company to be able to remain competitive they must be able to attain profits and with the constant decline in Ultra Wash revenues and profit, the company had to make changes to the product to realize an increase the sales and revenues when advertising and promotions did not work. Market intermediaries- Many supermarket chains considered removing the products from their shelves after being informed by PROCTER about the harmful effects of the Power detergent. In order to maintain relationships with these market intermediaries, who in turn wants to ensure that they are able to maintain good relationship with their customers, Ultra Wash needed to make sure that the standard of the product was improved. This would satisfy customer wants as well as allow Ultra Wash to maintain good relationships the market intermediaries. Competitors- The actions of the competitors PROCTOR played the biggest part of the decision to revamp and re-launch the defective Power  detergent. PROCTOR tried to assist the Ultra Wash Company by providing them with research concerning the effects of â€Å"dirt buster†; however the company did not listen and proceeded to mass launch the product. As a result of the launch PROCTER released a statement providing the public with the effects of the detergent. Although Ultra Wash made their own releases refuting those claims, increasing advertisement and promotions they were not able to convince consumers otherwise and realized deduced sales. PROCTOR continued to provide the public, including consumers, retailers and consumers’ associations with information on this product until Ultra Wash finally decided to remove the product from all markets. Marco- Environment Technological- Ultra Wash believe that this new technology would be able to provide them with competitive advantage of being more advanced that they rest of the market. However, in the hurry to become the market leader the technology was not properly research and developed causing the company to experience major losses. Environmental- Many environmental lobbyist in European and Sweden released public statements about the effects the Power detergent and its affects on clothes. These statements can persuade consumer behavior against a certain product as in this case. Ethical- Consumer groups such as the Dutch consumer’s union confirmed the damaging effects of the upgraded Power detergent. Ultra Wash needed to ensure that the product standard are to the level the consumers expect as statement against a product will persuade the consumers decisions against the product. All these factors played a major part in the decision taken by Ultra Wash to revamp and re-launch the defective Power Detergent as Ersil tablets. These tablets were able to provide them with the competitive advantage as well as become the market leader for this product. References: Various Environmental factors Affecting Marketing Function. (2012, July 19). Retrieved June 10, 2013, from ebstudies: Consumer Buying Behavior. (n.d.). Retrieved June 11, 2013, from

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The Art of Procrastination Essay -- Exploratory Essays Research Papers

The Art of Procrastination    It is three in the morning, and a haggard man puts the finishing touches on a presentation that he has had a month to complete. A bright young boy scurries around the backyard collecting bugs for his big science project due the next morning. A grown woman packs at two in the morning for her six-thirty business trip. A man disappoints his wife with a gift of socks for Christmas, which was all he could find on Christmas Eve. What is wrong with these people? Why do normal, intelligent people fritter their time away; and wait till the last possible moment to do the necessary? In a word, procrastination.    This phenomenon defies logic. Every other ugly duty is "gotten over with." We gulp down our proverbial green beans, always saving the best for last. Retirement comes after work, M&Ms after nasty medicine, and a soak in the tub after you scour it. It follows that every other distasteful job would be treated the same way. Aunt Nelda's birthday present, the big research paper, a visit to the dentist and the cat's bath should be gotten over with like our green beans and medicine For many people, however, they aren't.    Procrastination is not just a bad habit; it is a condition of mind that has some serious causes and consequences. Far too often substandard work is the result of putting things off until the last moment. When we procrastinate, we don't actually enjoy the time we waste. Instead, we add to our stress level by letting a project worry us for an extended period of time. To understand this paradoxical and self-defeating approach to challenging situations, we must assess what the process of procrastination involves. This common practice of wasting time has b... ... thus, my paper will be on her desk by Friday. I call only console myself with the thought that I am not alone.    Procrastinators, however, should take heart. Some of the best things in life wouldn't be the same without procrastination. After all, a good wine isn't a fine wine until it has spent some time in a cool cellar. And a quick stew may be "all right," but a stew that has been procrastinating in the pot all day is worth the wait. The French say that you're not a woman till you're forty -- is this procrastination in disguise? As long as people don't procrastinate for too long, good things do come to those who wait.    Works Cited Plotnik, Rod. Introduction to Psychology. 3rd ed. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, 1993. Rathus, Spencer A. Essentials of Psychology. 2nd ed. New York: Holt, 1989.                        

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Comparative Essay: To Kill A Mockingbird and Martin Luther Kin Essay

Choose 2 of the texts we have studied and explain how each composer has successfully communicated their message to the responder. In the text To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and the ‘I have a dream’ speech by Martin Luther King Jnr, both composers have conveyed strong messages that are communicated through narrative and oral techniques. These messages of courage and prejudice and discrimination are what the composer thought is necessary to write in order to change social attitudes towards these issues. Both texts were written at a time when those who were oppressed were fighting for freedom and tolerance by those who discriminated. Atticus Finch shows a remarkable amount of moral courage by defending Tom Robinson in Court when accused of raping a white woman. This act takes courage, as Atticus already knows the small town of Maycomb has found Tom guilty. The intolerance and racism that has been widespread among southern society for hundreds of years may not be eliminated by this case, but Atticus will fight anyway. â€Å"†¦if I didn’t I couldn’t hold my head up in this town†¦I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do something again† This quote said by Atticus to Scout in an effort to teach Scout about social etiquette and morals. Atticus feels that he must have honesty in all sides of his life and that if he were to be false as a lawyer he would not be true to his family or friends. Having the children at the court case exposes them to the prejudice and hypocracy faced to those who a different to the majority. In the novel, coloured people are seen as dangerous and violent to those who are prejudiced. † I seen that black nigger†¦ruttin on my Mayella!†¦lived down yonder in that nigger-nest†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Bob Ewell says this when he gets carried away while accusing Tom Robinson. The quote demonstrates that Bob feels ‘Negroes’ are inferior savages that have no rights or feeling and is displayed when he uses language reserved for animals. By using Scout to narrate the story allows Harper Lee to expose the responder  to views and attitudes formed by minor with innocence. The audience learns about prejudice and discrimination as Scout learns. Through her eyes we see her father, Atticus, show moral courage as he defends a coloured man in court. The ending of the novel is cautiously optimistic as Atticus does not win the court case but still manages to have taught his children valuable life lessons. Martin Luther King Jnr stood up in front of a crowd, about 250, 000 followers who had gathered in Washington from around the world, and delivered a truly inspiring speech. The speech he gave that day on August 28th, 1963 became an anthem to those who were and still are being discriminated against. King knew of the risks he faced by standing up for himself and others in his position and what he did that day took courage and bravery. â€Å"†¦the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty†¦an exile in his own land†¦Ã¢â‚¬  This quote conveys that King felt that discrimination occurred in every aspect of a coloured persons life: personal, economic, political, religion and opportunity. â€Å"†¦lift our nation from the quick sands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood†. This phrase talks about everyone making an effort with the nation to stop racial prejudice and together form a peaceful and loving nation. The tone of the speech makes it almost ironic that America is the ‘land of opportunity’ and ‘liberty’, and that the ‘American Dream’ is equality and yet has colour restrictions and those who are racially different are discriminated against. King used many techniques to make his message as clear and precise as possible. These resources included call and response interaction with the audience; a ‘calm to storm’ delivery which begins in a slow professional manner before gradually reaching its dramatic climax; repetition; imagery used when, for example, he is contrasting between light and darkness (hope and imprisonment); and finally allusions such as religious or political. Both composers wrote their texts for the same purpose, to help change social  attitudes and to challenge the responder to employ tolerance and understanding. They achieved this by using various techniques to convey messages that help the audience ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’ for a brief moment of time. King leaves his audience with a feeling of hope and optimism for the future; Lee’s ending provides cautious optimism but it is still apparent. Both texts leave the audience with valuable knowledge and insight into a era of great prejudice and discrimination.

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Code Of Ethics And Conduct - 1564 Words

Ethics is defined in multiple ways. These are considered as rules or regulations which sense the right or wrong doing related to any individual. Ethics in professional life can be defined as the sense of a person with which is responsible for controlling that routine practice of a particular person with which he can distinguish between right and wrong (Resnik, 2011). In professional fields, the importance of ethics can’t be denied. Every profession makes use of certain guidelines on the basis of which the whole job is performed. The outcomes of following ethics in profession result in a complete and successful accomplishment of the task. Without ethics, the presence of a good performing profession is doubtful. In nursing, ethics which are usually taught at nursing schools and academies play a major role. The profession of nursing itself relies a lot on the treating others in a proper way. This is what ethics controls in the nursing profession. The behavior of nurses with patie nts matters a lot in this profession (Moore, 2012). Codes of Ethics and Conduct Codes of ethics are the rules or regulations which are assigned to every professional in order to make the individuals of that profession aware of their responsibilities, sense of judging the acceptable and unacceptable and objectives (Magloff). Like every other profession, in nursing, codes of ethics are of critical importance. Since the nursing profession is all about the right treatment with patients,Show MoreRelatedEthics And Code Of Conduct900 Words   |  4 Pagesindividuals develop a code of ethics based on their personal values and beliefs it is important that we always act in a manner that is appropriate to our code of ethics. This paper will talk about what a code of conduct is, my personal code of conduct, Entergy’s code of con duct, and why ethics statement is so important. Code of conduct â€Å"A code of conduct explains an organizationsRead MoreCodes Of Conduct And Code Of Ethics925 Words   |  4 Pagesexpertise which meet registration standards. There are distinctive competency standards, code of conduct and code of ethics for enrolled nurses, registered nurses and nurse practitioners. In addition, notations on the nurses registration limit their practice to a specific specialty such as those solely qualified to mental health nursing or paediatric nursing. As specified in the National Board standards and codes, registration requirements, relevant legislation, educational preparation, and contextRead MoreCode Of Ethics And Conduct1261 Words   |  6 PagesSummary The code of ethics and conduct is a written set of rules and regulations that provides guidance to employees of an organization on how to conduct themselves and carry out their duties in line with the organization’s principles. The code of ethics and conduct is also be backed up by suitable disciplinary actions. A code of ethics and conducts helps employees deal with ethical issues and other gray areas that they face as they execute their daily activities. An effective code of ethics and conductRead MoreEthics Of A Code Of Conduct903 Words   |  4 Pageshas been working with a code of conduct. As we all know the Code of Conduct reflects upon the ethical culture of an organization, which is taken from the company mission statement. This meeting is in part to address this concern and to deliver the importance of having a Code of Conduct in place, which will be beneficial for both UWEAR and PALEDEMIN. This is not to imply that unethical conduct has been taking place in either company, by having code of conduct in place will help to ensureRead MoreCode Of Ethics And Conduct1896 Words   |  8 PagesHEALTH OF A BUSINESS The Code of Ethics and Conduct of CheckPoint Software Technologies by Justice-Anyai June 2015 â€Æ' ABSTRACT The code of ethics and conduct is a written set of rules and regulations that provides guidance to employees of an organization on how to conduct themselves and carry out their duties in line with the organization’s principles. The code of ethics and conduct is also be backed up by suitable disciplinary actions. A code of ethics and conducts helps employees deal withRead MoreEthics As A Code Of Conduct880 Words   |  4 PagesEthics, in politics, can be used as a ‘code of conduct’ – a set of rules or norms for diplomatic behaviour. When considering ethics as a constraint on states and political institutions, it can be argued to be powerful and influential. However, the question of whether politics can be improved by ethics is debatable. The aim of this essay is to highlight evidence for and against the notion of whether ethics can constrain and improve politics through the use of realism and cosmopolitanism, their argumentsRead MoreCode Of Ethics And Profe ssional Conduct1274 Words   |  6 PagesReview of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of BIP The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC) has been formulated on the basis of article 44, 45, 46, 47 of BIP constitution, to secure the rights and benefits of the Planners community in Bangladesh. CEPC not only provide guidance and support to the members of BIP on their lead in the professional field but also offers assurance to the client who avails the services of Planners. Members have the opportunity to express their opinionRead MoreEthics And Code Of Professional Conduct1598 Words   |  7 Pages(NMBA) Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct. Failure to provide care within these parameters could lead to serious consequences for the patient and nurse themselves. Enrolled Nurses must work within certain legal and ethical parameters to ensure appropriate care is provided to patients and also so the nursing profession itself is upheld in a respectful and trusting manner. In order to work ethically, nurses are required to adhere to the code of ethics and code of professional conduct setRead MoreCode Of Ethics And Professional Conduct Essay1919 Words   |  8 PagesCode of Ethics and Professional Conduct Introduction Ethics and professionalism are the centerpieces of any organization that wants to conduct business in today’s global environment. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is an organization that believes in the principles that governs professional behavior and ethics. By a consensus decree of many countries worldwide; the PMI formed the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (CEPC) for project management. The CEPC became the standard that all projectRead MoreCode Of Ethics And Moral Conduct2316 Words   |  10 PagesCode of Ethics and Moral Conduct By Tim Bowles OMM660 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Instructor Prof. Andree Swanson June 27, 2015 Introduction Since morals and morality require conscious choices, man is the only animal who can be moral or immoral. Thus, man is the only animal who can consciously, or purposely make moral choices: to think or not to think, to produce or usurp, to benefit or hurt oneself or others. The meaning of moral is simple and direct (e.g., the productive