Friday, November 1, 2019

Effect of war on the African Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Effect of war on the African - Essay Example The negative effect of war is less on Sudan than on other countries - The country of Sudan was inhabited by the Muslim about fifty percent in the north and forty percent by the Christians in the South of the Sudan and a little part was indigenous tribal groups. They were forced to accept the religion of Islamic and when they resisted it they were harassed and food was used as weapon in doing so.The Arabic people staying in the north Sudan are defining terms and conditions for national identity on the basis of Islamic culture and norms. The non-Muslims or the African tribals who are converted into Christianity were not given posts in the constitution. And thus the civil war that broke out during the formation of the government is still continuing till now. Many Christians, as many as five million migrated to Chad and other countries of Africa to escape the forced Islamic culture and those who didn't migrate were made slaves, raped, killed and their houses were burnt by the Muslim terr orist militia.The statistics say about half a million were killed which is less when compared to other war affected countries like Uganda, Somalia and Ethiopia. These terrorists come on the horses with weapons and raid the centers, throw bombs in public areas, devastating and disastrous civil war of the world. But whatever loss has occured, it occured only to Christians and Muslims were safe in the northern Sudan.Also it was found that south Sudan has huge resources of oil reserves for which there was great demand and that can be the main reason for which the area was not destroyed and instead people were made to ran away and leave the country for those who desired those oil reserves.

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