Thursday, November 21, 2019

Measure for measure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Measure for measure - Essay Example According to the law, he decides to slay Claudio for illegally having sex with Juliet. Juliet and Claudio were already married but due to some problems they didn’t have a registered marriage. Isabella, Claudio’s sister, was aware that his brother was married to Juliet so she went to the duke (Angelo) to plead him for his brother’s life. Angelo placed a condition for sparing her brother’s life that she will have sex with him. Isabella, being a chaste lady, was shocked and refused the offer. She was dejected and was going home when she was faced by friar (vincento) and told him the whole story. Friar made a plan to safe Claudio. The plan was to send Mariana, Angelo’s fiance, instead of Isabella. Mariana was Angelo’s fiance but they weren’t married because Mariana’s dowry was lost in the sea. According to the plan angelo will have sex with mariana instead of Isabella which he did. Then he ordered the release of Claudio. Soon angelo got to know that he has been played with and he imprisoned mariana and Isabella. According to the law if angelo and mariana had sex then there marriage will be completed. When angelo got to know about this he imprisoned mariana and Isabella. Then he summoned friar in the court. He then blamed friar for all this and sentenced him. At that time friar showed his true appearance. The people then came to know that angelo was a corrupt duke.

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