Tuesday, September 10, 2019

English Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

English - Research Paper Example Opposite gender becomes a source of distraction for the pupils in high schools, therefore, single sex schools provide more focused environment to the students by removing their object of distraction. Education is a process which entails transference of knowledge and practices, development of skills and learning of new concepts through innovative and strategic skills of the educator (Burner, p.9). Thus, beneficial teaching entails successful transference of knowledge with the development of quality person along with prominent accomplishments of the learners. The teaching strategies applied and environment impacts adversely or optimistically on the learner, which means either it supports the learning style of the child or it hinders that process. Hence, this process essentially takes place in a specific environment developed by the educator. Therefore, the choice of educator in developing such an environment for the learners impacts hugely on them. Parents and teachers chose and set en vironment for their children, which supports their learning style. ... Therefore, it promoted their participation and rights for higher education, which consequently resulted in admittance of girls in the same schools. The co-education was new and it was considered most beneficial for both girls and boys to learn and prosper; academically. Thus, co-education system is largely prevalent and active in the most parts of the world for teaching both girls and boys. Only in US majority of the schools only offer co-education school system and only a smaller percentage of schools offer single sex school system. In the recent years USA has faced serious decline over quality public education and lower high school graduate rate due to increased drop outs. Thus, government of America emphasized on developing a new policy or strategy, which would fully support the learning of its youth for its technological and educational development. According to study, American graduation rank has declined to 18th position among the developed countries, which is extremely low tha n before (Foster, p.2). Therefore, educators and policy makers have been considering single sex option for all public schools due to its impact on the academics of individuals. The notion which never came under research before was how male and female students impact on each other in an educational setting. In 2008, US Department of Education proclaimed that single sex schools benefit girls to pursue their carrier in mathematics or science as they minimize distractions, which consequently results in improved attention span and achievement record. However, in 2001 a law was passed against single sex schools, which clearly stated that if the single sex schools are equally available for both genders then such an education system can be approved

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