Friday, September 27, 2019

The Professional Responsibility and Communication Assignment

The Professional Responsibility and Communication - Assignment Example The code of conduct of some of the most successful companies is very clear. This however should not be the benchmark of their operations. Moral virtues as well as professional conduct should be incorporated into the organizational behaviors of these individuals by the human resource departments. On the other hand, business ethics are also a big responsibility that all companies in all fields must observe. Technological and computing companies should not practice in such a manner that breaks the generally accepted business ethics. For example, they should be honest and not manipulate other companies because of superiority in the information aspects. In addition to that, it is good for such companies to practice corporate social responsibilities in the society they operate (Grodzinsky 1999, pp. 10). Such undertakings could be done by advancing bursaries, giving educational trips and sponsorships to students with passion in this industry but without the capacity to do so. DQ 2-Â  Commu nications The use of internet slang, short texts and icons has raised questions about their benefits and their effect on the mainstream languages. There has been a debate on whether the new style is in itself a new communication mechanism or otherwise. It is clear that despite the merits involved in this new style such as ease of use and convenience, written language is negatively affected and boundaries should be set. In some areas, some of the old versions or formal language is being totally replaced with new words, commonly among the youths. One of the most obvious merits in the use of short or simplified language especially while using the internet is that that it provides a convenient way of communication. Brown et al (2006) point out that this creates... This assignment highlights the responsibilities that these professionals have to the society, ways to be responsible and the business ethics that are involved in the course. The biggest responsibility that they ought to have is ensuring that they assess the social impact of their creation to the society according to ACM. This is because there are numerous instances where the savvy technological experts come up with very beneficial programmers. The use of the signal and new generation slang has no doubt affected a considerable number of users especially in the official world. There have been instances where a number of graduates use unofficial and grammatically incorrect languages in job applications. This is one effect that a repeated use of such language has over the society. The researcher shows the direct effects that technology has brought especially in the communication sector. He categorically states that the mobile phone text messaging creates a very comfortable and easy way o f communicating which risks many minds to be lazy and using shortcuts. In conclusion, the discussion has looked at the professionalism of the computing world and the responsibilities that are expected from the involved experts. In the world today, the way people carry out their professions has changed to include ethics and professional responsibility. Additionally, there has been an insight that communication helps to alleviate the mode of living. However, if not taken with caution it may end up spoiling or negatively impacting the society.

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