Monday, September 9, 2019

Macromolecule Research Project Overview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Macromolecule Research Project Overview - Essay Example rates are: 1.) Monosaccharide, 2.) Disaccharides, 3.) Polysaccharides are polymers of monosaccharide of up to 10,000 glucose molecules per chain, where parallel chains are cross-linked with H bonds forming bundles of 60-70 molecules. These are: a.) Starch which are insoluble polymer of glucose, and energy storage molecules concentrated as granules within plant cells; b.) Glycogen which are water-soluble, branched polysaccharides storage form in animal liver and muscle cells; c.) Chitin which are tough molecules of ÃŽ ² glucose and the second most abundant molecule that forms the major component of fungal cell wall and the exoskeleton of insects and arthropods, recently used as surgical suturing threads; and d.) Cellulose which are the structural material in plant cell wall (Campbell & Reece 2002). Lipids are substances with an oily, greasy or waxy consistency which are relatively insoluble in water and tend to be water-repelling, hydrophobic, i. g. cuticle on leaf surfaces (Mader 2001). This is also important biological fuels, hormones and structural components of cell membranes (Mader 2001). Neutral fats and oils are the most abundant forms found in both plants and animals. Fats are economical storage for fuel reserves and there is twice more energy as the same quantity of carbohydrates it can generate (Mader 2001). Fatty acids which are the main components of neutral fats and phospholipids are of 30 different kinds such as saturated fatty acids which are solid at room temperature, i. g. butter and palmitic acid, and unsaturated fatty acids, oils, which are liquid at room temperature, i. g. linoleic acid. Important lipids are phospholipids which are the main component of cellular membranes, steroids which are likewise components of membranes and also hormones such as testost erone for sexual growth and development of men and estrogen and progesterone for women sexual growth and development with cholesterol as the main precursor, and carotenoids which are

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