Thursday, August 29, 2019

Case Study of an innovative company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Case Study of an innovative company - Essay Example The staff turnover at this airport is around 4% with the average service length of an employee being 9.2 years and 32% rise is observed in revenue per employee (Dubai Airport Yearbook, 2012). Dubai International Airport, as part of an integrated and holistic approach towards improving their customers’ overall experience, attempts to cater to the vastly diverse and cosmopolitan tastes of their international customers. These services include a large number of client airlines, customs and immigration, duty free shops and other retailers; ground services provider data, efficient security scanning, smart gates and lost and found. A unique concept of â€Å"silent airport† has greatly reduced the number of announcements made in the airport, only to be replaced by screens displaying the flight details in order to alert customers (Dubai Airport Yearbook, 2012). Dubai International Airport is ranked at 25 in 2014 as against 33 in 2013. The key competitors of the Airport are Singapore Changi Airport, Incheon International, Munich Airport, London Heathrow Airport and Hong Kong International Airport. The strong performance of Dubai Airport’s commercial portfolio has boosted the total revenue by 17% in 2013. Aeronautical revenue and commercial revenue rose by 12% and 23% respectively, thereby portraying a strong growth of Dubai International Airport (Martin, 2014). Dubai International Airport is constantly trying to improve passenger experience by incorporating innovative strategies in its work policy. In November, Dubai Airport in a recent partnership with TWSteel Watches and Dubai Duty Free had hosted a live pop-up concert by a headline recording artist, Kelly Rowland. The performance took the passengers as well as the airport officials by surprise and attracted immense attention on the social media as several individuals captured the concert on videos that were uploaded on different sites such as, Twitter,

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