Saturday, August 24, 2019

No topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

No topic - Essay Example Trustworthiness is another significant quality for a customer service representative. If the customers are unable to have faith in what the representative is saying, they will not wish to transact with him. Thus, one must not make false or exaggerated claims, and must only promise what they can deliver. A customer service representative must always be polite and patient. They must refrain from getting agitated, even if the customer is making unwarranted demands. They must hear the customer out, and pay close attention to their needs and wants. After their requirements are established, the customer service representative ought to respond courteously and explain to the customer in detail, what he has inquired about. Additionally, a customer service representative must be able to solve problems in a quick and efficient manner. They must be flexible and accommodating to the customers’ needs. I have been working in the customer service field for three years now, which has endowed m e with a notable comprehension of how to deal with customers. This experience in the field will be a great advantage for me when interacting with individuals. I am a hard working person and will have no qualms about putting in extra effort to ensure customer satisfaction.

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