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'Favelas' ('City of God') Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

'Favelas' ('City of God') - Essay Example The main theme of the film is the realization of the level of increased crime that occurred in Brazil between 1968 and 1980. Fernando Meirelles illustrates the level of insecurity and crime when he makes use of comments that there is no safe to be even if a person decides to run or not run, out of this, the individual will either be hunted down or caught stranded by the criminals (Xavier, 1997, pp. 49). In the film, most actors and participants originated from Favelas. In 2004, ‘City of God’ received four awards from its competency and level of production. The film had received the same accolade in Brazil in the previous year although the ratings were lower than in 2004. Setting of the Film The films plot begins when there is an event of slaughtering chicken to be consumed but one of them escapes and is followed by some people. While still on pursuit, the chicken finds itself between the people chasing it and Rocket (Buscape) who thinks that the aim of these people is to kill and eliminate him. The production team then develops a timely change of time and occasion and brings out Rocket as a very young boy thus the development of ‘City of God.’ The setting of the film in this location indicates that Rockets belief is not factual since he was not originally involved with the chase in the first place. Three renowned thieves who are known as Clipper, Shaggy and Goose who is a brother to Rocket usually rob businesspersons. The thieves split a section of what they steal from Robin Hood, which deals with fashion to Favela citizens. The citizens have an obligation of protecting the thieves in return. This is a clear indication of a connection between a society and thieves that is produced by the film, which signifies that there exists conspiracy between the public and lawbreakers. Due to their fame and recognition in Favela, several young men begin accompanying the three thieves in the operations (Skidmore, 1993, pp.118). Li’l Dice is a young man who becomes an accomplice to the trio and pleads with them to take part in robbing the occupants of a motel. In this occasion, the trio is against any killings but Li’l Dice starts killing the victims after the departure of the other group. This signifies that he thinks killing would gain him fame and recognition but on the other hand, it attracts the attention of the police. The motel incidence forces the three thieves to flee and the police shoot Shaggy in his quest to run away in the company of his girlfriend. Clipper becomes a church follower while Li’l Dice kill Goose for taking his money. This setting illustrates the criminal events that happen in Favela in the late 60s and the interaction of the lawbreakers, local citizens and the police (Landers, 2002, pp.87). The abolishment of criminals in the slums indicates an improvement in this part thus the directors of the film gain great compliment from the viewers (Castro, 2004, pp.54). The setting of the f ilm is changed from the 60s to the 70s where Rocket is illustrated to have joined a section of the young men who usually smoke marijuana. This indicates that the there are still elements of other lawbreakers since marijuana is an illegal drug. The introduction of Li’l Dice in this phase of the film is achieved by Fernando to bring to the attention of the viewer of the development of his criminal activities. Li’l Dice is illustrated as a drug peddler who together with his long time friend

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