Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Journaling Exercise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Journaling Exercise - Essay Example In the light of the educations systems failure, there are questions to pose to the educators: Do educators teach about poverty? In order to attain the education system goals to solve the problem of poverty, America should change the education system to include poverty, poverty reduction strategies and effects of poverty. Singer in his article mentions these strategies to restructure the education system (Singer, 2009). Singer being a renown author in the field of ethics brings about a point in his argument. He looks at the topic of poverty as being narrowly covered in international development. However, singer proposition is that the system should integrate it in economics, ethics, cultural studies and sociology. Political science, a social science should have an in-depth coverage of poverty as a topic of study. Science courses should be designed to equip learners with skills to solve the poverty problem. And the psychology and other social sciences should analyze the view of not helping other countries. In the view of this major fields of study other important ones that should be part of the solution are: medicine and law (medical student should strive to reduce diseases and law scholars are to develop legal regimes that dont sanction trade with dictators) (Rivera-Batiz, 2001). Public education is also another key solution, as education the public about poverty changes the view of the people on poverty. Singer suggests that there be a modification on art and cultural values to eliminate poverty. Another view I get is that the lack of funds is a hindrance to the organizations that seek to provide assistance to the society. The issues tackled by this non-governmental organization are poverty reduction and health-care services. The united nations children fund (UNICEF) is a humanitarian and development assistance

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