Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Effect of the Population Growth Policy on the Economic Growth in Research Paper

Effect of the Population Growth Policy on the Economic Growth in France and Germany - Research Paper Example The increased birth rate is subject to numerous factors e.g. sociological, psychological, and cultural factors. The French government, using the family policy ensures the birthrate increases without having a big impact on the living standards. The infant mortality rate in France has fallen by 30 percent and this has led to an increased population. The population growth rate in France and Germany affect the prospects of economic growth directly. Population growth policy is a deliberately constructed institutional arrangement with specific programs through which governments influence the demographic change. The definition is vulnerable to multiple interpretations. It can also be viewed as a mechanism aimed at bringing qualitative changes into the populace of the territory under the government’s jurisdiction. The additions to membership are effected through births and immigration while losses are caused by death and emigration. The death rate is seen to fall, under health policy leaving the immigration and emigration to be subject to the governmental direction in population growth policy. This paper seeks to look into the effects of population growth on economic growth in France and Germany. The governments of France and Germany have been careful to allow modification of qualitative aspects of population growth policy. This has been tried to the family policy of both countries. The governments targeted the family unit as the most appropriate place to target growth. The policy looks into migration, fertility and the composition of these populations. This happens through the use of demographic factors and spatial distribution of the population. The birth rate in France is said to be falling. The lion share of the French national income goes to the family as opposed to other expenditure. The rising standard of living in France has altered the position of women in the society.

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