Monday, October 7, 2019

The Presidency Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Presidency - Research Paper Example The American presidency is the most powerful office positions in the universe, considering the fact that the United States of America is the powerhouse of the world. As such, the presidency is among the widely recognized worldwide icons (Watts, 2009). Majority of individuals living outside the US or those who have little knowledge on the history of the presidency would assume that the politics of the presidency as similar to any other in the world (or to the local and congressional elections), but those familiar with its history know the significance of the office. A keen and closer look at the history of the executive branch of the US government will highlight the powers and worldwide impact the office may have on the entire world. Among the main roles of the presidency as described by Article II of the American Constitution, include the chief administrator, chief lawmaker, commander-in-chief, chief of state, and the chief diplomat, just to mention a few. In contrast to local or con gressional elections where several individuals of the same ideology are elected in order for the government to address issues of concern, the presidency, a single individual although under the check of various government divisions, has the power to literary change the entire world. As history has it, US presidents have had the power to implement policies that may bring significant changes in the world, or establish new world orders, as is the case with President Washington. Nonetheless, different presidents in the past have had different policy doctrines that helped them govern the country in their presidential terms (Brinkley & Dyer, 2004). The vast powers held in the presidency office often make the role a contradictory institution and complex one, and very vital to the US government system. Restrictions by political laws on one president act as a liberation for another. A successful policy doctrine for one president may be a complete failure by another, majorly because of the pre vailing political and international relations. The US presidency definition may be a series of contradictions, paradoxes, and clashing expectations. Citizens vote a president based on principles and values that are generally acceptable to the society. A citizen’s vote is dependent on the individual’s beliefs, hopes, and wishes. The presidential elections of 2012 will either give Americans a chance to reinstate President Barrack Obama as their president for another four-year term, or choose another candidate based on their guiding principles and presidential campaign platforms (Peters). The issue of terrorism has been a major topic in the past presidential elections campaigns, with the gradual shift from the democratic diplomacy presidency to the imperial presidency as was imposed by George Bush during his term in office (Brinkley & Dyer, 2004). The 57th Presidential elections to be held on 6th November 2012, is expected to feature the incumbent President Obama on a Dem ocrats ticket, a Republican candidate (yet to be decided), and a third party nominee. The presidential campaigns are often marred with accusations and counter accusation, some of which have seen a Republican Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, suspend his campaign on accusations of a 13-years affair and sexual harassment. The Democrats are pushing tax cut extensions as part of their strategy, as well as maintaining their famous

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