Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Health and safety issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Health and safety issues - Essay Example hrough: improvement of management systems so as to reduce injuries at work, showing the board how important health and safety issues are, monitoring of health and safety issues in the organization and providing of detailed reports about their states not excluding their stray performances. In essence, World Health (1983) argues that health and safety management that is effective is fundamental to the well-being of employees, plays a vital role in ensuring that the reputation of the organization is maintained while at the same time helping in creating teams that are highly achieving. An organizations’ health and safety quality assurance department provides various means in which the organization can monitor its continued progress and advices the organization on legislative matters and inflicts best practices into employees (Miller, 1986). To maintain quality, the team carries out internal training to keep their staff up to date with legislative and suitable organizational practices in health and safety matters and related areas. In addition, solid systems for monitoring organizational progress are to be installed which enhance the technological sector of the company as well as the knowledge of the staff for they have to be trained effectively on how to use the systems thus moving them one step ahead of their competitors. Insurance can be obtained by the employer to cover a number of costs which the employer may have to cover as a consequence of poor health and safety procedures. Examples of such insurance are Liability insurance, vehicle insurance and building insurance. There are however a number of areas for which insurance cover cannot be obtained. What are these areas? According to HMSO (1974), hundreds of industries that operate in different areas/fields exist that have been excluded from the mandatory coverage since they are registered neither under Sections 1 nor 2 of the Workplace and Insurance Act, 1997 (South Australian, 1986). The areas not covered

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