Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Religion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 7

Religion - Essay Example Past societal experiences are believed to have a great impact on various religions. The readings also share a common idea that their pioneers and the societal culture have influenced different religions’. The readings explain that there are some things that are shared amongst different religions such as negative things that should be avoided by the followers. The readings also show that every religion has their devotees who strongly believe in the doctrine and overall teachings of that religion. However, there are common ideas shared amongst religions including the concern about life and death and the reverencing of God. The readings further admit that issues to do with religions are very tough to handle and may be a bit confusing. Religion plays a significant role when it comes to peaceful coexistence because most of the conflicts and world struggle originate from 9/11. Christianity tends to remain as the dominant religion in both readings. The readings tend to look at the aspect of religion in different styles by giving it a unique approach. They offer an understanding of the religion in various perspectives by relying on different sources and prior knowledge. The readings also reveal various things that guide different religious beliefs. The second Vatican Council defines religion as a group of people gathered for a common goal of getting answers to the unresolved human riddles and shares a common destiny, God. The council believes that acquiring answers to the unresolved life puzzles such as what happens when one is dead can only be answered by religion. Religions are the path through which the world attempts to overcome the restlessness of peoples’ hearts by outlining a program of life covering doctrine and sacred rites with high regard for the manner of life and conduct. Prothero highlights eight rival religions that rule the world and believes that religion

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